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One of the original Gharu'ndim factions. The original description[1] reads:

Motto: "The words of men bear Truth aloft."
Background: The Searchers, or Walim consider themselves distinct from and superior to the rest of Gharu'ndim society. They appeared a few years after the death of the poet Yasif ibn Salayyar, vowing to continue his explorations of the nature of truth. They believe the way to truth comes through conversation. Hence, their main activity is talking … and talking … and talking. Walim will discuss everything, from whether there are more grains of sand in the Naqut desert than there are stars in the sky, to the color of the slippers they're wearing today. There is a saying: "If you want to kill a foe swiftly, send a Zharalim. If you wish him to die slowly and in agony, shut him in a room full of Walim." To keep conversation interesting, many Walim travel and seek out new experiences. In their minds, only the al-Ighaz approach their level, though many wizards are too focused on magic for their tastes. Still, the Walim will allow anyone who enjoys philosophizing into their ranks.
Current: Though no formal return of the Walim has been noted, some newcomers, even those of other Heritage Groups, have been mistaken for members of that august faction. [1]

Notable Members[]