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One of the original Sho factions. The original description reads:[1]

Motto: "True Splendor soars above all earthly cares."
Background: Historically, the Washui Iiwah Jou Gai has thrived during times of peace and prosperity, and has suffered in times of war. Members' vows include a renunciation of worldly wealth, and a dedication to the higher, non-earthly arts such as painting, music, poetry, and philosophy. They seek to observe the ways of the universe and learn its truths. Some philosophize and argue so much that critics call them "songbirds"; others seek to depict the beauty of the physical world in their works, while at the same time reminding their audience of the fleeting nature of physical world. The Washui Iiwah Jou Gai normally survives with the patronage of wealthy nobles.
Current: A lack of wealthy patrons and the harshness of life in Dereth means that those who seek to follow the Washui Iiwah Jou Gai are facing a tough battle. However, Washui Iiwa Jou Gai-style philosophical debates are common in some areas, so perhaps there is hope for this esoteric group.

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