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Weakened Harbinger Quest
Level: 60
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Beldin the Gem Dealer
Starts At: 12.8S 46.0E in Old Yanshi
Route: Yanshi
Repeat: 20 Hours


Quest to kill the Harbinger after weakening it by cutting of its connection to the Essences of Magic.

  • You will need one quest item to give to Issk or Vincadi to enter the Tunnels to the Harbinger. The items are all dropped randomly by certain creatures. Each item is also tied with a skill and on completion of the quest you will get one free point into that skill (see also quest XP reward).
  • The Weakened, Essenceless and Empowered Harbinger quests all share timers for the free skill point and the Harbinger Arm Token.

Flagging Items

Item Skill Dropped By
Slasher Reedshark Hide Alchemy Reedshark Slasher
Skull of a Skeletal Hero Arcane Lore Skeletal Hero
Sage Drudge Charm Armor Tinkering Drudge Sage
Wood Heart Assess Creature Wood Golem
Ash Gromnie Tooth Assess Person Ash Gromnie, Adolescent Ash Gromnie
Banderling Antagonist Scalp Cooking Banderling Antagonist
Murk Drudge Charm Creature Enchantment Murk Drudge
Granite Heart Deception Granite Golem
Primeval Skeleton Shin Bone Dirty Fighting Primeval Skeleton
Banderling Predator Scalp Dual Wield Banderling Predator
Banderling Bone Ring (Trophy) Finesse Weapons Banderling Scalper
Banderling Slayer Scalp Fletching Banderling Slayer
Olthoi Head Healing Olthoi Noble
Mutilator Head Heavy Weapons Olthoi Mutilator
Insidious Monouga Idol Item Enchantment Insidious Monouga
Plate Armoredillo Hide Item Tinkering Plate Armoredillo
Copper Heart Jump Copper Golem
Ravener Guts Leadership Drudge Ravener
Drudge Cabalist Charm Life Magic Drudge Cabalist
Rendeath Shreth Hide Light Weapons Rendeath Shreth
Merciless Monouga Idol Lockpick Merciless Monouga
Obsidian Heart Loyalty Obsidian Golem
Peerless Drudge Charm Magic Defense Peerless Drudge
Mystic Drudge Charm Magic Item Tinkering Drudge Mystic
Essence of a Phantasm Mana Conversion Phantasm
Telumiat Hollow Minion Essence Melee Defense Telumiat Hollow Minion
Banderling Savage Arm Missile Defense Banderling Savage
Gauloth Shreth Hide Recklessness Gauloth Shreth
Iron Heart Run Iron Golem
Diamond Heart Shield Diamond Golem, Diamond Lord, Acidic Diamond Golem
Gloom Drudge Charm Sneak Attack Gloom Drudge
Reaper Reedshark Hide Two Handed Combat Reaper
Skull of a Dark Master Void Magic Dark Master
Banderling Aggressor Scalp War Magic Banderling Aggressor
Bloodthirsty Monouga Idol Weapon Tinkering Bloodthirsty Monouga

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Buy a Decanter of Nullified Essence from Beldin the Gem Dealer in Old Yanshi. He is in a burned out building. He also sells the Guide to Fighting the Harbinger.
  2. Give Decanter to the nearby Stone of Yanshi. Everyone must turn in a Decanter to be flagged to get rewards.
  3. 3 waves of enemies will spawn nearby, first a wave of Elementals, next Child of Acid, Child of Fire, Child of Frost and Child of Lightning, then Caustic Knight, Galvanic Knights, Incendiary Knights and Glacial Knights.
  4. After the enemies are all dead, the Reflection of the Harbinger will spawn. Kill him.
  5. Once the Reflection of the Harbinger is dead, loot a Reflective Shard from the ground. The shard is used for reward turn in only. Killing the Reflection activates the Tunnels to the Harbinger portals to be the "easy" version. They will remain like this until the Harbinger is either defeated or the quest resets.
  6. When your group is ready, everyone should hand their Harbinger Item to the NPC (either Issk or Vincadi) and then use the nearby Tunnels to the Harbinger portal to begin.
  7. Once inside, the dungeon is linear to the bottom (keep heading down). The only obstacles are a series of 4 jumps that must be made.
    • Jump 1: Acid Pit - Full jump ahead (land on invisible platform)
    • Jump 2: Lava Pit - Jump into the pit and take the hallway to the North
    • Jump 3: Ice Shelf - Shift-jump down onto the platform above the ice shelf, clear the spawn, and wait for your group.
    • Jump 4: Ice/Acid Pit Combo - Dispel, then shift Jump down onto the ice shelf and quicky run to the edge and full jump across the acid pit (land on invisible platform). The ice hurts, so be quick.
    • Jump 5: Staging Area - Shift jump down and quickly move off of the lava/ice floor.
  8. Unlike the other Harbinger quests, there are no portals after the 5th jump. Instead, you must continue to jump down a few times until you reach the Harbinger.
  9. Note that because there is no portal to the Harbinger, there is no easy way to get back if you die.
  10. The Harbinger has a few elementals with him at the bottom. Clear them out first before attacking the Harbinger.
  11. The Harbinger can be debuffed and is an elemental type, so Atlan Weapons and Isparian Weapons with Major Prismatic Stones in them work well.
  12. Kill the Harbinger, loot a Harbinger Arm Token, and take the portal which spawns after he dies. You must take the portal to be flagged for rewards!
  13. Talk to Issk or Vincadi for 1 point in the skill related to Harbinger item turned in.
  14. Hand the Harbinger Arm Token to the nearby Emissary of Asheron for the title "Champion of Dereth" and the Royal Coat of Arms Stamp.
  15. Hand the Reflective Shard to Ciandra in Xarabydun for an experience reward.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Tunnels to the Harbinger (Issk) 12.9S 46.5E -- 6447
Tunnels to the Harbinger (Vincadi) 12.6S 46.7E -- 6446


Complete quest and speak with Issk or Vincadi
Experience: 350 million (1 point in skill) (??% up to level ??)
Give Reflective Shard to Ciandra
Experience: 7,500,000 (??% up to level ??)
Give Harbinger Arm Token to Emissary of Asheron
Titles: Champion of Dereth




Issk tells you, "You seek to assist she who sings to the world? Well you should. She has risen from the ashes to call all to her side. She seeks to repair the hurt wreaked upon the land and close the wounds that hemorrhage still.

Issk tells you, "Would you take up her banner and stride forth into the darkness wherein the true enemy lies? I think you weak.

Issk tells you, "I think you know fear. I think you suffer and sufer you shall. She bids me give you this.

Issk gives you Natural Order

Issk tells you, "She bids you read it. She bids you understand. She bids you complete the task and return to me. She needs the proof of your resolve. She needs to see that you will not fail.

Vincadi tells you, "Greetings Isparian, I welcome you to my current location. I wish to convey certain fragments of information to you. The information contained within these fragments offers our assistance in the removal of a grave danger to your ilk.

Vincadi tells you, "We wish to aid you so that you are spared a most horrific death at the hands of a thing that, "should not be".

Vincadi tells you, "Accept this small treatise and read the words of Aerbax to comprehend the stipulation of our proposal.

Vincadi gives you Experimentation.
Completing the Quest

Vincadi tells you, "You have done well to earn your reward.

Vincadi tells you, "Aerbax is pleased with your progress. You have served his research, and mine, very well. With continued effort we shall have the ability to collect the specimen and begin true research. For now, you should rest. I have become aware of an unstable anomaly within the construct of your physical form, and I am afraid that any further tampering with your make-up before this heals could be disastrous."
Handing in Harbinger Arm Token

You give Emissary of Asheron Harbinger Arm Token

Emissary of Asheron tells you, "I award you the title Champion of Dereth. The stamp is a gift from the High Queen. We are indebted to you for your efforts, Champion.

Emissary of Asheron gives you Royal Coat of Arms Stamp
Handing in Reflective Shard

You give Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist Reflective Shard

Ciandra takes the shard and examines its reflective surface with a satisfied look

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "I take it the Nullification Barrier held. I knew it would! The Harbinger should be severely weakened as long as the field holds. I would suggest attacking him soon if you haven't already.

Ciandra, Arcanum Alchemist tells you, "Here's a small token of my gratitude. You've really come through for the Arcanum.

You've earned 7,500,000 experience

Update History

The Iron Coast

  • Quest introduced.

Into the Darkness

  • New quest mechanic with two versions of Tunnels to the Harbinger introduced.
  • Players must now flag with one of two NPCs and enter their respective dungeon.

Price of Loyalty

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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