NOTE: In Spring 2014, Weapon Masteries were updated. "Weapon masteries are now universal. All characters get the benefit of 5 DR when using a weapon with a mastery, regardless of the character's mastery. Weapon that previously had no mastery bonus at all still don't give 5 DR."

Introduced in the Master of Arms event, Weapon Mastery allows a character to gain a +5 Damage Rating for a melee weapon and one ranged weapon type.

Characters can only have one melee mastery and one ranged mastery at any one time. Melee masteries include: Axe, Dagger, Mace, Spear, Staff, Sword, Unarmed Combat and Two Handed Combat. Ranged masteries include: Bow, Crossbow, Magic, and Thrown Weapon.

Existing characters will get one free change to their melee weapon mastery and their ranged mastery.

Weapon types and masteries

Heavy, Finesse, Light and Missile weapons list a weapon type after the skill on the stats (ID) panel. For example the Amateur Explorer Dirk displays Heavy Weapons (Dagger) so receives a damage bonus when the wielder has the dagger weapon mastery.

Weapons that cannot be mastered

Some weapons do not list their type such as the Atlan Weapons and Isparian Weapons sets and thus cannot be mastered. Weapons that cannot be mastered have the following description: "This weapon seems tough to master.".

Note: Two handed weapons and magic casters do not display a weapon type.

Races, Heritages and their specific Masteries

Races start with the following masteries:

Race Melee mastery Ranged mastery
Aluvian Daggers Bows
Sho Unarmed Weapons Bows
Gharu'ndim Staves Magic (spells)
Viamontian Swords Crossbows
Unarmed Weapons Crossbows
Gear Knight Maces Crossbows
Empyrean Swords Magic (spells)
Undead Axes Thrown Weapons
Aun Tumeroks Spears Thrown Weapons

This will also influence which Training Weapons a character starts out with. See Training and Academy Weapons and Character Creation for an overview.

Changing your Weapon Mastery

Weapon Mastery Change
  • After creation, you can change your Mastery at the Mastery Statues in Arwic at 33.5N, 56.8E.
  • Players can receive one free Melee Mastery and one free Ranged Mastery change.
  • If you wish to change Weapon Masteries a 2nd time the following is the cost of making the change:

Weapon Mastery Statues

Axe Mastery (Object) Icon Axe Mastery (Object)Dagger Mastery (Object) Icon Dagger Mastery (Object)Mace Mastery (Object) Icon Mace Mastery (Object)Spears Mastery (Object) Icon Spears Mastery (Object)Staves Mastery (Object) Icon Staves Mastery (Object)Sword Mastery (Object) Icon Sword Mastery (Object)Unarmed Combat Mastery (Object) Icon Unarmed Combat Mastery (Object)Two Handed Combat Mastery (Object) Icon Two Handed Combat Mastery (Object)Bow Mastery (Object) Icon Bow Mastery (Object)Crossbow Mastery (Object) Icon Crossbow Mastery (Object)Thrown Weapons Mastery (Object) Icon Thrown Weapons Mastery (Object)Magic Mastery (Object) Icon Magic Mastery (Object)Naturalist (Object) Icon Naturalist (Object)Primalist (Object) Icon Primalist (Object)Necromancer (Object) Icon Necromancer (Object)


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  • There is a timer in addition to the cost on changing a melee mastery:

You have changed your melee mastery too recently

Use the statue again if wish to change your mastery to Spears.
Spears Mastery tells you, "You need 100,000 luminance available to have your mastery changed."
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