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Weeding of the Deru Tree
Level: 180
Type: Solo
Starts With: Valerian McGreggor
Starts At: Freebooter Keep Black Market (West hallway)
Repeat: 20 Hours

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Head out to Freebooter Isle and run to the Deru Tree of Degar'Alesh just north of the island drop at 62.0S, 96.0E.
  2. Kill 50 Slithis tentacles.
  3. Return to Valerian McGreggor for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

No related dungeons.


Experience: 198,157,237 (20% up to level 200)
Quest Repeat: 99,078,618 (10% up to level 200)


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Opening Dialog

Valerian McGreggor tells you, "Greetins to ye."
Valerian McGreggor tells you, "Me name's Valerian, Velerian McGreggor. I've been studying the dead-lookin Deru Tree to the north of the Ruins of Degar'Alesh on Freebooter Isle, but me researches have been interrupted as of late."
Valerian McGreggor tells you, "Ya see, these nasty tentacles, like the Slithis you see on occasion, but bigger, erupted out all over the roots of the tree. Worse! Since they've appeared, the Mana flows around the ruins have been all choked up! That there's bad for me and bad for business."
Valerian McGreggor tells you, "I'll tell ye what. If ye go out there and kill 50 of those tentacles for me, just the ones on Freebooter, mind ye, I'll make it worth ye while."
Valerian McGreggor tells you, "The Marae Lassel Deru Trees can rot for all I care. Damn Tumies won't let me within a mile of them for some reason."

Completing Kill Task

Valerian McGreggor tells you, "That should do it! The Mana flows around the Ruins of Degar'Alesh are moving much better now, thank ye. Here's a little something for yer efforts."
Valerian McGreggor gives you Aged Legendary Key.
Valerian McGreggor gives you Aged Legendary Key.
You've earned 99,078,619 experience.

Update History

Risks and Rewards

  • Kill task introduced.

Seeds of Corruption

The Quest for Freedom

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