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What is a weenie?

Every interactable item and or object in game is a weenie. NPCs, Swords, Portals, Scrolls, Doors, etc.

What are weenie properties?

Weenie properties are the keys, values, and conditions/actions found within each weenie. These properties set everything from the damage value of a sword to how much XP an NPC awards you for completing a quest.
Some weenie properties are read by the AC client and provide updates on creature health, stat panels, and more. Other properties are server side, and can dictate things like whether a creature will attack you, or how an npc interacts.
You can find former turbine developer Srand's description from an in house turbine interview here.

Section One - Keys & Values

A listing of available groups of keys
Group Description
ATTRIBUTE A list of keys related to primary attributes
ATTRIBUTE2ND A list of keys related to secondary attributes
BOOL Keys that take Boolean values (True/False, 1/0)
DID Data ID's reference "files" in the portal.dat that contain all related info
FLOAT Keys that take floating-point numbers as values (a number with a decimal place)
IID Instance ID's - active relationships
INT Keys that take whole integers as values (whole numbers, 1, 2, 3, etc)
INT64 Keys that take 64-bit integers as values
POSITION Position entries contain a position id, frame, and objectcellID
STRING Keys that take a string of text as values

Section Two - Tables

Tables that contain raw data, or event condition actions.
Group Description
BODYPARTSTABLE Body part armor/protection levels, damage values, and targeting data.
CREATE LIST Create list entries are used for creature trophy drops, wielded gear, vendor sell lists. Essentially all static inventory.
EMOTE CATEGORIES Condition: If one of these occurs call Emote Type.
EMOTE TYPES Action: Called when a Condition is met.
EVENT FILTER Event conditions to perform an action.
GENERATOR TABLE Conditions for the Generator table.
SKILLS Used in formulae to raise skills based on use / skillchecks.
SPELLBOOK Spell ID, and Chance to cast for creatures.


  • Each weenie contains keys and/or tables from the subsections listed above.
  • Keys that take specific value sets have their own pages.
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