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Like the Obsidian Plains, this part of the Direlands' Spawn Distribution makes it an extreme zone aimed at those level 80 and higher.

Sturdy Steel Keys & Chests

Many creatures in the western Direlands commonly drop Sturdy Steel Keys used to unlock Sturdy Steel Chests. The chests also randomly spawn in the this part of the Direlands; however, there also many fixed locations in the region where they can be found:


Related Quests

Geographic Areas



Dropped Items

Banderling Aggressor Scalp Icon.png Banderling Aggressor ScalpBroken Virindi Consul Mask Icon.png Broken Virindi Consul MaskBroken Virindi Desecrator Mask Icon.png Broken Virindi Desecrator MaskBroken Virindi Inquisitor Mask Icon.png Broken Virindi Inquisitor MaskBloodletter Drudge Charm Icon.png Bloodletter Drudge CharmDrudge Cabalist Charm Icon.png Drudge Cabalist CharmBanderling Bone Ring (Trophy) Icon.png Banderling Bone Ring (Trophy)Banderling Predator Scalp Icon.png Banderling Predator ScalpBanderling Savage Arm Icon.png Banderling Savage ArmMutilator Head Icon.png Mutilator HeadPeerless Drudge Charm Icon.png Peerless Drudge CharmPlatinum Golem Heart Icon.png Platinum Golem HeartTelumiat Hollow Minion Essence Icon.png Telumiat Hollow Minion EssenceSturdy Steel Key Icon.png Sturdy Steel KeyPrimeval Skeleton Shin Bone Icon.png Primeval Skeleton Shin BonePyreal Nugget Icon.png Pyreal NuggetRendeath Shreth Hide Icon.png Rendeath Shreth Hide

Landscape Items

Red Monster Seed Icon.png Red Monster SeedChest Brown Icon.png Runed ChestSturdy Steel Chest Icon.png Sturdy Steel Chest

Points of Interest

Emboldened POI are those indicated on the Ingame Map as yellow dots. See also Points of Interest Map




Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Ancient Temple 33.0S, 88.0W -- 594D Preparation for the Ritus
Assassins' Hideout 54.5S, 80.7W -- 0082 Lost Messenger
Black Spawn Den 56.6S, 86.0W -- 0105 None
Camp Entemarre 63.0S, 82.6W -- 0049 Head of Baron Entemarre
Creepy Canyons 4.6N, 89.5W -- 0031 Lost Pet
Empyrean Acid Propylaeum 31.6S, 74.2W -- 526E Empyrean Propylaeum
Halls of Metos 56.0S, 89.2W -- 02F3 Crafting Golems, Asheron's Departure Lower,
Metos Motes
Ishaq's Cellar 66.1S, 86.6W -- 02EA Ishaq's Lost Key Quest
Master Vaserio's Dig 54.2S, 78.6W -- 0043 Faces of the Mukkir
Mount Lethe Magma Tubes 33.8S, 85.3W -- 0146 Water of Mount Lethe
Nexus 40.1S, 79.2W -- 0110 Nexus Crawl
Panopticon 59.2S, 84.0W -- 02A1 None
Sclavus Cathedral 17.9S, 89.6W -- 02F7 None
Sclavus Cathedral 33.5S, 80.1W -- 02F6 None
Shade Iron Mine 65.0S, 87.6W -- 0053 Shade Iron
Venemous Nidus 13.1S, 91.8W -- 536E Quiddity Weapons Quest
War Room 12.1S, 92.7W -- 0010 Drudge Aviator
Whispering Blade Chapterhouse 59.9S, 87.2W -- 0081 Whispering Blade Chapterhouse Access,
Tracking Grael


These are creatures that are commonly found in landscape spawns in the West Direlands.

Acid Elemental Icon.png Acid Elemental

Banderling Icon.png Banderling

Crystal Icon.png Crystal

Drudge Icon.png Drudge

Elemental Icon.png Elemental

Golem Icon.png Golem

Gotrok Lugian Icon.png Gotrok Lugian

Grievver Icon.png Grievver

Hollow Minion Icon.png Hollow Minion

Lightning Elemental Icon.png Lightning Elemental

Olthoi Icon.png Olthoi

Shadow Icon.png Shadow

Shreth Icon.png Shreth

Skeleton Icon.png Skeleton

Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok

Tusker Icon.png Tusker

Virindi Icon.png Virindi


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