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White Jewel
White Jewel Icon
  • Value: 250
  • Burden: 10


You give Jewel Collector White Jewel.

Jewel Collector tells you, "Excellent! I've been waiting for another of these jewels for my project."

You've earned 11,250 experience.

Jewel Collector gives you White Virindi Wand.

Jewel Collector tells you, "These jewels cast colors I've never seen and can't begin to describe."

You give Stone Collector White Jewel.

Stone Collector tells you, "Very nicely cut! I'll take this."

You've earned 11,250 experience.

Stone Collector gives you Trade Note (10,000).

Stone Collector tells you, "A pleasure doing business."

You give Aun Mareura the Collector White Jewel.

Aun Mareura the Collector tells you, "You mean there are more Virindi than those just on our island? Tonk save us! However, my first priority is to purge Palenqual's shores of the floating demons, who are known for their yellow jewels."

Aun Mareura the Collector gives you White Jewel.

  • Used to purchase many Villas.
  • Does not stack.

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