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The Withered Atoll is aimed at characters level 100 and above.

Also known as Withered Beach, Withered Atoll is a small area located at the far southwest corner of the Direlands Midlands around 85S 78W not far from Candeth Keep. All of the creatures here are immune to life magic.

During the Friend and Foe event the size of the area was increased.


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Points of Interest


  • 88.9S, 67.3W


Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Banished Assembly 87.0S, 79.6 -- 0015 Withered Weapons
Ravaged Cathedral 86.3S, 79.1W -- 0016 Withered Weapons
Vile Sanctuary 86.7S, 78.2W -- 0017 Withered Weapons
Withered Atoll Lugian Mine 89.7S, 76.1W 200F 200F.png -- Chunky Ore Collection,
Well-Balanced Lugian Greataxe Quest


Note: Most landscape creatures have a spawn map on the creature's article page.
Banderling Icon Banderling

Drudge Icon Drudge

Gotrok Lugian Icon Gotrok Lugian

Tumerok Icon Tumerok



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