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Withered Weapons
Level: 100+
Rec. Level: 130+
Type: Solo
Starts At:
Repeat: 20 Hours


Withered weapons are found within the Withered Atoll, on the landscape, or within its dungeons.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

  1. Route:
  2. Wretched Crossbow Icon Wretched Crossbow
  3. Barren Bow Icon Barren Bow
  4. Anemic Atlatl Icon Anemic Atlatl
  5. Lifeless Knuckles Icon Lifeless Knuckles
  6. Sterile Sword Icon Sterile Sword
  7. Insensate Axe Icon Insensate Axe
  8. Soulless Staff Icon Soulless Staff


  • Named after the Withered Atoll where they are found.
  • Found in various dungeons and locations in the Atoll.
  • Each weapon has a 20 hour pickup timer.

Dungeons & Maps[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Banished Assembly 87.0S, 79.6W 0015 0015.gif --
Ravaged Cathedral 86.2S, 79.0W 0016 0016.gif --
Vile Sanctuary 86.7S, 78.2W 0017 0017.gif --



The Withering Icon The Withering

Withered Weapons

Anemic Atlatl Icon Anemic AtlatlBarren Bow Icon Barren BowInsensate Axe Icon Insensate AxeLifeless Knuckles Icon Lifeless KnucklesSoulless Staff Icon Soulless StaffSterile Sword Icon Sterile SwordWretched Crossbow Icon Wretched Crossbow


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Update History[]


  • Sterile Sword, Insensate Axe, Barren Bow, Anemic Atlatl introduced.

Friend and Foe

  • Wretched Crossbow, Soulless Staff and Lifeless Knuckles added.

Master of Arms

  • Barren Bow, Wretched Crossbow, and Anemic Atlatl changed to Missile Weapons skill.
  • Insensate Axe changed to Light Weapons, and increased in damage from 22.5 - 45 to 32 - 64.
  • Soulless Staff changed to Heavy Weapons, and increased in damage from 15.6 - 26 to 44.4 - 74.
  • Lifeless Knuckles changed to Finesse Weapons, and increased in damage from 12.6 - 21 to 32.4 - 54.
  • Sterile Sword changed to Finesse Weapons, and increased in damage from 25 - 50 to 37.5 - 75.