Wood Heart
Wood Heart Icon
  • Value: 5
  • Burden: 150


You give Stone Collector Wood Heart.

Stone Collector tells you, "Golem hearts are fine."

You've earned 1,500 experience.

Stone Collector gives you 1,250 Pyreals.

You give Trophy Smith Wood Heart.

Trophy Smith tells you, "A heart of wood."

You've earned 1,500 experience.

Trophy Smith gives you Golem Jo.

Trophy Smith tells you, "The most understandable and natural golem heart. Quite pretty too."

You give Tackle Master Wood Heart.

Tackle Master tells you, "You're giving your heart to me? Bwahaha, just joking, this should make a nice pole. I'll just carve it and assemble your fishing pole. Wait here a moment."

Tackle Master gives you Fishing Pole.

Tackle Master tells you, "There you go. The string part with the hook goes into the water and you hold onto the stick part. I can't tell you how many beginner fisherman just toss the whole thing into the water. Of course they always claim they lost it to some huge whale or something."

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Update History


  • Experience increased from 1,000 to 1,500.
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