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Sacrificed Zharalim Live
Yal Ibn Rab
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In Nuhmudira's Dungeon, the body of a Sacrificed Zharalim can be found. This sacrificed Zharalim is one of Nuhmudira's trusted servants, Yal Ibn Rab.[1][2][3][4]

He had been the first of the Zharalim to swear to her and always followed her orders efficiently and successfully.[2]

Together they had decided that some of his renegade Tenebrous Edge comrades who had sought refuge in Marae Lassel would make the perfect sacrificial targets.[2]

He had never questioned her orders until she took on a new apprentice, who showed her new ways. In the end, Nuhmudira decided to sacrifice him.[2]

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Sacrificed Zharalim Icon Sacrificed Zharalim


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