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Character Summary
Yasif ibn Salayyar


Eras Active:
Important Dates:
  • 1002 RC - Year of Death

Gharu'ndim War-Poet. Together with Malik Rakhil al-Khur, he conquered a large part of the old Roulean Empire. When the raiders laid siege to Tirethas, the City of Lore, however, Rakhil made the mistake of threatening to burn the books within her walls. Yasif struck down his king in rage, and the conquest came to a sudden end.[1]

He became the friend and advisor of Rahkil's son and successor, Malik Amul ibn Rakhil and spend his time traveling to the neighbouring countries of Aluvia and Viamont, spent a year in Roulea, and voyaged as far as the land of the Silverans. One by one, his quick mind and glib tongue won the respect of neighboring rulers - all but the Milanteans lead by King Arpad.[2]

When Arpad died and was succeeded by his advisor, Laszko, Yasif again petitioned, and to his surprise, Laszko accepted. He went to visit, and disappeared for five years. It turned out, Laszko had used Yasif for dark rituals, and Yasif had lost his eyes along with all digits on his left hand. He manages to escape with help of his jailor and returns to the al-Nafalt. Amul swears revenge, and sends the newly founded order of the Shagar Zharala, the Zharalim to assassinate Laszko.[2]

Yasif remains at the court, and appoints one of the first Shagar Zharala, Mansur al-Rajan, as his guide and scribe.[2] There he composed his greatest work, the Alamakhaida, which Gharu'ndim scholars have distilled down to a set of principles called "The Dozen Roads" that would go on to guide Gharu'n society for centuries to come.[2] When Yasif died, the people of Gharu'n mourned his death for a full year.[1]

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