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Introduced:  Come What Follows Related Quests:  Elemental Kill Task
Non-Player Killer
Zahir Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Experimental Alchemist
Location 68.7N 21.5W in Stonehold
Level 90
Strength 110
Endurance 120
Coordination 190
Quickness 145
Focus 265
Self 265
Health 80
Stamina 150
Mana 275


  • Route: See Stonehold
  • In addition to starting the Elemental Kill Task, Zahir also accepts Elemental Essences for 500,000xp and Major Stones in exchange for Writs of Refuge.


Zahir tells you, "Hello, you look like the very kind of person who would be able to assist me in my research."

Zahir tells you, "After the events with the Harbinger and the Essences interest in elementals has gone up considerably and thanks to that I have been able to secure grants that I can use to fund my research... but you don't care to hear much more about that, do you?"

Zahir tells you, "Okay, here is what I'd like of you, Please venture out and find Caustic, Synnast, Inferno, and Hyem. Fight twenty-five of these creatures and then return to me and tell me everything you learned about them."

Zahir tells you, "I will also accept, and reward you for, anything you find that may be of value to my research."
Crystal of Fiery Elemental Essence

You give Zahir Crystal of Fiery Elemental Essence.

Zahir tells you, "Very good, I can most certainly make use of this."

You've earned 500,000 experience.
Major Smoldering Stone

You give Zahir Major Smoldering Stone.

Zahir tells you, "These crystals have many alchemical uses. Ciandra has continued to research what allows these stones to tap into this worlds well of powerful magics."

Zahir tells you, "Here, take this as a reward."

Zahir gives you Writ of Refuge.