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Introduced:  Dark Materials Related Quests:  Sishalti Slithis Kill Task
Zava bint Laurma
Non-Player Killer
Zava bint Laurma Live
Race Female Gharu'ndim
Title Slithis Slayer
Location 13.9N, 0.6E (Zaikhal)
Level 67
Strength 230
Endurance 185
Coordination 230
Quickness 175
Focus 120
Self 60
Health 193
Stamina 245
Mana 110


Lore & Dialog[]

Zava bint Laurma tells you, "So, you wish to prove your hunting prowess? Well then. Track down and slay 150 of those lurking Sishalti Tentacles, Tendrils and Eye Stalks for me and I will reward you appropriately."